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Bazinga!!! Formerly: time to be nerd

Ok, by this time, the title should have attracted your attention 🙂

I’m a real fan of “The Big Bang Theory” TV show (I strongly suggest you start watching it if you didn’t yet), and I fell in love with Sheldon’s and Leonard’s shirts.

I wanted to buy a couple of them and I was sure to find some good examples around the web, but none of them seemed to satisfy my need to be nerd because of the price, USA shipping only and so on…

So (as a bit more often do), I decided to draw the logos myself and let them be printed by a local shop.

I opened up Inkscape and GIMP and here’s an example of what I got:


You can taste more after the break

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sharphook 0.0.4 released!

Just after a few days here’s another release of sharphook.

As always happens I had some requirements from another application I’m working on so I needed to improve sharphook as well.

Actually it’s not a real improvement, but a bugfix release since I found out Modifiers keys were not treated the way a normal WinForm application would do.

In the process I also fixed KeyPress combinations which were excluded because of system keys.

Download link after the break…

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The record could not be deleted because of an association

Dear Dynamics 2011 developers, here is my first article about Microsoft CRM development. I hope to write more while I follow the development of a new CRM project.

Since I’m a beginner in this field, the first articles will be about problems I’m facing in setting up and configuring Dynamics.

So here it comes, after trying to write calendar rules of an equipment, failing miserably, it happened we were not able to view the service calendar and other service related entities including the equipment owner of the corrupted calendar. Since we’re in early development we decided to delete the equipment and recreate it, but surprise surprise, our friend CRM won’t allow it.

So we faced the creepy message: “The record could not be deleted because of an association”.

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sharprd 0.0.2 released!

Since some of my collegues showed interest in this project, I had to work a bit on it (of course during spare time).

So here it comes a list of changes introduced by this release (for a complete list refer to changes.txt inside the package)

  • Added possibility to specify RDP port
  • Added connections grouping by folders
  • Added show clear password feature
  • Added support for VNC connections. (Added VNCSharp reference)
  • Added context menus to tray icon and connection list, and implemented reconnect function
  • Implemented password encryption
  • Sorted connections by name
  • Added .rdp file import
  • Implemented audio settings
  • Various bugfixes

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Sharpallegro 0.0.3 released!

It’s really time for a new release.

It’s been a while since the last release and really there’s not much new in this one, but at least this confirm sharpallegro to be fairly usable and stable.

Most of the changes come from the needs for developing SharpallegGL which is to be released very soon.

Here comes the changelist:

  • Converted solution to actual 2010 standard
  • Various fixes/cosmetic changes/bugfixes
  • Ported some other functions
  • Ported some truecolor routines
  • Ported standard blender modes
  • Made key constants public to be accessed when a class doesn’t inherit from Allegro (useful for standard WinForm applications)
  • Ported cpptest test
  • Ported gfxinfo test
  • Ported playfli test
  • Made excamera work by avoiding the problem
  • Ported exlights (almost completely)

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Yep, I said KA-BOOM!

As often happens I was bored…and while playing minesweeper for some real fun I decided to try and write myself a minesweeper clone.

I didn’t want to spend so much time on it, but I wanted it to be good-looking at the least.

So this time I went for the free-graphics approach, and found a wonderful design at Lost Garden blog released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Credits go to: “Iron Plague” art by Daniel Cook (



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Introducing sharprd

As a developer I have to keep track of tons of RDP connections. As many others I tried different Remote Desktop managers failing to find one suitable for my needs.

Finally I found some spare time to attempt creating my own.

The requirements being: easy to use, tabbed interface, possibility to hide in the tray to save some space.

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