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sharpallegro 0.0.4 released!

I’m very pleased to announce a new release of sharpallegro.

Not much has changed, but there are some important improvements I wanted to make available to the public. Here follow a list of major changes (for a complete reference check the CHANGES file in the release package):

  • Updated allegro to 4.4.2
  • Forced x86 platform compilation on all projects to support 64 bit platforms
  • Ported RLE_SPRITE and COMPILED_SPRITE structs. (Actually COMPILED_SPRITE behaves as an RLE_SPRITE as if I386 was not defined)
  • Moved SVN repository away from Google Code

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sharphook 0.0.4 released!

Just after a few days here’s another release of sharphook.

As always happens I had some requirements from another application I’m working on so I needed to improve sharphook as well.

Actually it’s not a real improvement, but a bugfix release since I found out Modifiers keys were not treated the way a normal WinForm application would do.

In the process I also fixed KeyPress combinations which were excluded because of system keys.

Download link after the break…

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Sharpallegro 0.0.2 released!

I have been working on sharpallegro lately, which is still far from complete. But after being able to port most of the examples, I think it has enough funcionalities to be used in your own projects.

I’m also using it to develop some small games you will see soon and I found it to be quite mature.

If you need an idea of what sharpallegro is capable of, take a look at the Screenshot Section

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