SharpRD is a Remote Desktop manager with a tabbed interface. Its first aim is to be simple and have a minimalistic clean interface.


Some of the main features include:

  • RDP/VNC connections
  • Import from .rdp files
  • Tabbed interface
  • Minimize to tray icon
  • Folders grouping



Release includes binaries and source code.


Up to date source code can be found at:

7 thoughts on “SharpRD

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  3. Frankie

    I tried it, its nice !

    anyway some parts could be easily improved.

    – an explicit “save” command.
    – a single-instance application mode
    – bug solving about the correct program-launching when the internet connecnion is not available.
    – bug solving about a correct folder-tree building
    – the “x” (close) button should close the application, not to minimize it.

    thanks for your effort 😉

    . Frankie .

  4. Frankie

    still troubles with icons and task-bar.

    I am keeping sharprd “pinned” on my taskbar.

    When it is opened and minimized the icon on the taskbar shows itself like its a closed application. Its easy to get in error and to re-launch the program.

    when I’am smarter 😉 and I recognize it opened on the tray-bar still there is a not perfect behaviour.

    If yuo single-click on the icon the app-windows doesn’t pop-up (correct!) , so you do a double-click … this time the window shows, but its like the app doesn’t “process” the double click correctly, in fact :
    – the sharprod program pops-up (correctly)
    – also the “next program (icon) on the left” starts-up! (wrong)
    its like the double click its not “eatten” by the app. and the double click is “bounced” to the next icon that will take place on the same position.

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  6. ElvenProgrammer Post author

    Hi Frankie and thank you for the feedback.
    Following your suggestions I released an updated version (0.0.4): you should find everything you asked for in your first comment.
    Regarding the second one, at the moment I’m not able to reproduce it, but I’m still investigating…I hope to find a solution soon

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