SharpAllegro is a .NET wrapper for Allegro Game Programming Library.

Sharp Allegro aim is to ease game development in C#/ by using well developed libraries such as Allegro, AllegroGL, MASkinG, and so on…



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You can find source code in svn repositiory:


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14 thoughts on “SharpAllegro

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  4. Bernardo Lopes

    I have been using Sharp Allegro since its first announcement on the forums.

    I’ve tried all Allegro C# wrappers that I’ve come across and can say that Sharp Allegro is the best, and probably the only one still mantained.

    Sure there’s a lot that can be questioned about the need of such wrapper. One can say that Allegro 4.x is outdated, or that a C# wrapper is somewhat a overkill. But to me there are two main concerns that justifies the use (and development) of Sharp Allegro:

    1) I’m (and most people are) more familiar with Allegro 4.x than Allegro 5. I don’t want to learn Allegro 5 just yet, and I already know Allegro 4.x to almost its full extent.

    2) The aim of Sharp Allegro says it all: it eases the development by allowing a much more cleaner, neater language (C#) and IDE (VS 2010). To the average programmer that means a lot!

    Of course, there’s always room for improvement. I would cite the following off the top of my head:

    – Refactor the native Allegro 4.x function names to the de facto naming conventions of .NET.
    – Add the complete set of functions of Allegro 4.x, especially some missing ‘voice’ funtions.

    Anyways, Sharp Allegro seems to fill a gap that may exist in a very specific niche, and that’s why it deserves the utmost respect.

    Eugenio… keep it going bro and thanks for all the hard work!

  5. Bernardo Lopes

    Forgot to say: you know what would be very cool and USEFUL?

    If you could provide a Allegro load_bitmap routine that loads from a memory (stream) Windows GDI Bitmap.

    That would be very nice.

    I, for one, have zero understanding of the Windows GDI.

    Best regards.

  6. Elessar

    Are you going to develop a version for Allegro 5? For those of us who have never used Allegro 4, it would be very helpful.

  7. Paul

    Any idea why the GFX_AUTODETECT_FULLSCREEN does not work in fullscreen with any resolution? I tried the C version of the allegro and it works in fullscreen.

  8. ElvenProgrammer Post author

    You’re absolutely right, there was an hardcoded windowed mode I left for testing purposes.
    I released a quick fix, you can find it in the downloads section.

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  10. Shadowblitz16

    Is it possible to upload AllegroSharp and AllegroSharp5 to nuget where we can easily download it and use it?

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