sharprd 0.0.2 released!

Since some of my collegues showed interest in this project, I had to work a bit on it (of course during spare time).

So here it comes a list of changes introduced by this release (for a complete list refer to changes.txt inside the package)

  • Added possibility to specify RDP port
  • Added connections grouping by folders
  • Added show clear password feature
  • Added support for VNC connections. (Added VNCSharp reference)
  • Added context menus to tray icon and connection list, and implemented reconnect function
  • Implemented password encryption
  • Sorted connections by name
  • Added .rdp file import
  • Implemented audio settings
  • Various bugfixes


Still a lot to be done, but we’re heading the right way.

Direct download: sharprd-0.0.2 (1409 downloads )

Further infos on the project page: sharprd

2 thoughts on “sharprd 0.0.2 released!

  1. pigiax

    very nice…it’s work very well!!! might be useful to be able to choose if put or not sharprd in the try icon…

  2. ElvenProgrammer Post author

    Thanks for the feedback pigiax. Yep I already thought about adding such a feature. It will be included in the next release for sure! 😉

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