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sharprd 0.0.3 released!

Since  I had some feedback from sharprd users, I decided to release a new version, which doesn’t feature many updates, but some of them are critical for the usability.

Major changes include:

  • updates detection
  • option to enable tray icon minimization
  • import/export of connections set
  • isolated storage for saving connections
  • UI improvements
  • bugfixes

There’s also an attempt to enable remote program execution, but the lack of documentation about it, only resulted in preparing the required user interface.

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sharprd 0.0.2 released!

Since some of my collegues showed interest in this project, I had to work a bit on it (of course during spare time).

So here it comes a list of changes introduced by this release (for a complete list refer to changes.txt inside the package)

  • Added possibility to specify RDP port
  • Added connections grouping by folders
  • Added show clear password feature
  • Added support for VNC connections. (Added VNCSharp reference)
  • Added context menus to tray icon and connection list, and implemented reconnect function
  • Implemented password encryption
  • Sorted connections by name
  • Added .rdp file import
  • Implemented audio settings
  • Various bugfixes

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