PHP Lines graph script improved

Not much of an update, but I improved my php script to generate lines graph.

Since I had the need to display more than one graph at once, here comes version 0.2.0, togehter with some other nice new features


New features:

  • Multi-graph displaying ability with independent style, color, thickness
  • Possibility to display labels vertically
  • Legend


  • w: width of the graph
  • h: height of the graph
  • p[]: comma separated values representing the points in the graph
  • l: comma separated labels
  • r: number of rows
  • c[]: the desired color in rgb format, comma separated values (r,g,b)
  • s: comma separated values representing the style of the graph: 1) bordered circle endpoints 2) filled circles endpoints
  • t: comma separated values representing thickness of the graph
  • i: comma separated legend labels

Here’s the parameter used to generate the image above:


If you’re brave enough, here’s the download link: (1093)

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