PHP Lines graph script improved

Not much of an update, but I improved my php script to generate lines graph.

Since I had the need to display more than one graph at once, here comes version 0.2.0, togehter with some other nice new features



New features:

  • Multi-graph displaying ability with independent style, color, thickness
  • Possibility to display labels vertically
  • Legend


  • w: width of the graph
  • h: height of the graph
  • p[]: comma separated values representing the points in the graph
  • l: comma separated labels
  • r: number of rows
  • c[]: the desired color in rgb format, comma separated values (r,g,b)
  • s: comma separated values representing the style of the graph: 1) bordered circle endpoints 2) filled circles endpoints
  • t: comma separated values representing thickness of the graph
  • i: comma separated legend labels

Here’s the parameter used to generate the image above:


If you’re brave enough, here’s the download link: (1699 downloads )

2 thoughts on “PHP Lines graph script improved

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  2. Dan Rhodes

    This looks really good, just what I’m after, would you be ok with me using it on my website to display on my admin page to show usage of my site?


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