SharpCapture out of nowhere

Today I needed to take a lot of screenshots and I wanted something better than Alt+Print Screen and quicker than The GIMP. So I ask our system administrator and he says: “What the hell you want?”, and after a while: “Sure we have a very nice tool”. “Cool, can you install it on my laptop?”. He smiles at me and says: “I’m sorry but we ran out of licenses”. And here ends the part of the conversation I can safely write about.

So I start looking for free alternatives on the web, even if “someone” told me not to install unauthorized software. But wait, I’m a programmer right? So I start looking how hard would it be creating such a tool. And once again C# comes to the rescue. After 5 minutes and a couple of lines of code sharpcapture is born. And also makes sysadmin happy.

You can get binary/source package from: [download#2]

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